Courtesy of Jason Hamon Eco-Landscape.netEssential Elements- Sanctuary with the Soul garden isfeatured as one of the TwentyDisplay gardens at the San Francisco Flower Lawn Show March 24-28 2010.
One of the most anticipated functions that many San Francisco Flower Garden Show participants look foward to will be the Display Gardens. They will delight amuse and also inspire us using cutting-edge design and ingenuity.
This years theme Gardens with the Future gave Jason Hamon of Eco-Systems Landscape Solutions within Redwood City the idea to be able to createa tranquil space.Besides would it be an outdoorsanctuary to the soul but it could well be designed in a waythat has been true to his values of preservation as well as conservation. Its a balance between your garden and haven said Hamon.
Many of the elements of this beautifulgarden oasisinclude- Gemstone slate pathsand a clear curb Waterfall cascadinginto a new northern cedar jacuzzi breaks into a stream which goes under the yoga deck Moat around the bottom with koi fish-pond Herb garden native definite and woodland landscapes Worm bin nestled in the back to supply the herbs and also flowers -. Rare holland rainbow rose flower -The focal point of the gardenisa glass sculpture embedded in the koi pond.It was hand broken in Dresden Maine and shipped to California. According to Hamon the significance of the large dissect drop-shaped glass hanging away a blown goblet dome is his model of life- the water drop falls away from a larger water decrease which resembles the particular womb.
Image- George WaldmanCharlie and Terrill Jenkins of Conjunction Glass in Dresden Maine work on one of the colorfulfocal pointsof the Essential Components display garden.

Hamon who started his landscaping design business in 2001 was primarily interested in commercial design.Being a certified arborist his products weregeared toward arboriculture-working with corporations to provide tree operations to keep employees and trees safe.
These days he provides each residential and commercial landscaping companies while reinforcing this urgency to deliver the landscape that is both equally beautiful functional in addition to eco-friendly.
For example rather than usingchemical manure heusesorganic andIntegratedPest Management.Heisgetting involved invermiculture to produce worm castings to use in his business.The soil foodstuff web is smudged because of our reliance upon toxic chemicals within herbicides and manure. We cantry to restore the balanceby fine tuning sprinkler system system reducing water run off aerating soil employing organic mulches and recycling said Hamon.
Photo courtesy of Jason HamonThe serene courtyard garden Eco-Systems designed for SAP in Palo Alto.

Hamon has recently had experience creating peaceful thoughtfully produced places. Earlier he had designed a courtyard luncheon location for SAP with Palo Alto.With its natural landscape design and fountain ithas turned into a sanctuary for all employees to enjoy.
Shortly after the actual install of their backyard Eco-Systems was retained to produce SAP with an organic and natural approach to corporate upkeep. After servicing just one building within theircampus to get a year SAP enrolled themto provide all mount and project work. Both companies are in work together toward authority in sustainability.
Hand products are used when sensible all clippings are usually recycled demolition debris recycled and an herb garden to produce the campuses 3 cafeterias is on the plan said Hamon.
My rule towards design as well as implementationrevolves around the relationship in between us and the atmosphere. While theneeds of our customer are important the relationship betweennature andourselves can also be important.
When you are at the San Francisco Rose and Garden Show make sure to stop by Essential Components – A Haven for the Soul stand on the actual meditation deck and also soak in the views and sounds of the inspirational balanced garden.

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