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Many people are not aware that there are such kinds of multicolored roses that are on top of beautiful eccentric gifts today. Rainbow roses, happy roses, or tie dye roses as their name suggests, are lively colorful blossoms that have petals that are artificially colored that gives them their unique appearance. They are the products of Peter van de Werken’s hard labor in River Rose, which is a flower company situated in Holland. The colorful combination of hues that these blossoms exemplify was the result of a process called in the flower trade as stem dying.

Rainbow Roses

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For the longest time, roses are probably the flowers that best captured the feelings and attention of humans. They are greatly valued for their classic beauty that is further emphasized by their waves of tones that strongly depict a whole range of emotions. As a matter of fact, the red rose is probably one of the most well-known type of flowers that signifies love and attachment, which is why red roses delivery has become a common practice among gentlemen who would like to sweep their ladies off their feet  However, what if you’re sort of confused, or would like to make things more special for the person you love, is there such a rose that could depict the emotions that you wish to express?

Staining roses with dyes is a common practice in order to achieve flower colors that are not available in nature, just like the case of blue roses. Yet, rainbow roses remain significantly different because each petal of the same flower holds a variety of tones that may range from red, blue, yellow and purple among others. In order to acquire a flower that has petals with different tones, its stem is cut into equal sections, and each part is soaked in a different dye. Eventually, the sections of the stem would absorb the different dye colors, which would move upwards to the xylem and petals, giving them a variety of colors depending on their position in the petal spiral.

These days, only a handful of flower shops specialize in creating rainbow-colored roses based on the color preference of their clients. Although such type of flowers does not hold a specific meaning unlike single colored roses, you could actually combine the hues you like in order to express your emotions. If you would like to brighten up the day of your friend, you could opt for happy roses that are yellow, orange and pink in hues. While red rose delivery is always the suggested option to express your love, happy roses that are red, dark red, and lavender in tones are perhaps the most expressive way to tell the intensity of your love towards a person because red stands for love, dark red speaks about how beautiful a person is, and lavender signifies that you have fallen in love with that person at first sight.

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You could purchase rainbow-colored roses from your florist in fresh or freeze dried form. A bouquet of fresh happy roses would last as long as regular roses do, but make sure that you purchase them from a grower fresh flower shop to ensure their quality. Freeze dried happy roses, on the other hand, have nearly all their moisture removed giving them longer life, and under the right conditions, a bouquet of freeze dried happy roses can be kept for years, which is a good option for brides who would like to keep some of the petals of their wedding flowers as souvenirs. Happy roses, however, are a bit costly than their regular counterparts as a stem prices between $88 and $100 for a dozen, but they are worthy of your expenditures as the joy that they could bring is truly priceless.

Generally, you can never go wrong when it comes to rainbow roses. They are a good break from conventional red roses, and a welcome relief from bland white wedding bouquets. With these spectacularly multicolored roses, the person who will receive them will definitely have a happy day ahead.

Are you looking for a quirky gift to give to your loved one these holidays?  Why not try visiting your florist and ask for rainbow roses or happy roses and have it delivered right at your lady love’s doorstep? While red rose delivery has never lost its appeal, happy roses are the most ideal flowers that you could give someone because they could speak not only one type of emotion but volumes of emotions that you wish to express. Since they are stained with dyes, the petals’ of these roses could hold a variety of colors making them spectacular to look at.

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